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Is. 65:17-20

6/29/13 V. 17, This promise of creating a new heavens and a new earth John, in Rev 21:1-5, sees in vision being fulfilled. The former things, particularly sin, God again promises, will pass away forever.

V. 18, For eternity we will be filled with gladness and joy at God’s new creation because God originally created us for joy and gladness in him. Rev 11:15-18 and 19:1-6, examples of this rejoicing, are cross-referenced with this verse.

V. 19, God himself will also rejoice and be glad in us. Nowhere in all of God’s vast creation will there be sorrow and weeping, which reminds us of the promises to wipe away every tear Rev 7:17 , 19:1, and 21:4. And this is in contrast to Babylon, in Rev 18:22-23, where the merchants weep and mourn over her and it is promised that the sound of music and the voice of celebration “will never be heard in her again.”

V. 20, Clearly the preceding verses deal with the end of time from our perspective, but had Israel fulfilled the purpose for which God had predestined it, these preceding promises would have been fulfilled to great degree even before the Second Coming.

This verse shows some of the things that would have come about had Israel remained faithful. Infant mortality would have disappeared. No one would die accidentally, and instead everyone will be able to live a full life of at least 100 years.

Even though this promise was not fulfilled, God’s promises always come to pass eventually. And this promise will not only be fulfilled but will be fulfilled on an even grander scale because we shall live forever, reigning with God (Rev 11:15, 22:5).

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Is. 61:2-3

6/2/13 V. 2, We are also to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor, which is reminiscent of the year of jubilee (Lev 25:9-13). The jubilee year was to be a major re-set for God’s people. Everyone who had sold his property and moved away was to return and his property would be returned to him. All debts were to be forgiven. All slaves were released. It was to be a year of vacation without working the fields because it was considered a Sabbath year.

Israel never did celebrate the year of jubilee as a nation, but we will and even are already. Jesus proclaimed the favorable day of the Lord. He is our jubilee. He freed captives, he forgave our debts of sin, he restored us to himself.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised one day to find that the millennium has some jubilee connections as well. When Israel was sent into exile for 70 years the land was given its Sabbaths (2 Chr 36:21). Could it be that the whole earth will receive its Sabbaths during the 1,000 years?

In addition to proclaiming the favorable year of the Lord, Jesus also warned us of the day of vengeance of our God. And we must warn the world as well that we will all be held accountable to God for our lives and the choices we made. Yes, there will be rewards for faithfulness but there will also be consequences for unfaithfulness (e.g. Mt 24:45-51).

We are to comfort those who mourn with the hope that we have in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been saved, we have hope beyond this life, our mourning will be transformed into joy.

V. 3, We who have suffered for the sake of Christ in this era of sin will be given a glorious crown instead of the ashes that now cover our heads. Ashes on the head was an ANE demonstration of extreme grief. Our mourning will be turned into gladness. Where now we faint with the burdens of sin and its consequences, then we will have spirits filled with praise (Rev 7:9-14).

We will be called “oaks of righteousness.” That must be a picture of strength, which we are anything but. And yet in the strength of our God we are strong though we are weak because the Lord is the one who planted us, so to speak. And he did it for the purpose of glorifying himself. And since God never fails he will be glorified in us.

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