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Is. 65:7-10

6/26/13 V. 7, Because her sins are so many and because they have persisted in them for so long, God will eventually judge her. The sin of bold unfaithfulness to the Lord by following after other gods and blaspheming him is the theme of many OT prophets. The actions of the little horn power in Dan 7:25 and beast in Rev 13:1 and 16:11 are both cross-referenced with this verse.

V. 8, However, not all among apostate Israel have followed after other gods. Among the grape harvest (Rev 14:18-19) there are some good, which God will separate out. He will not destroy the righteous with the wicked. God, who is able to read the heart, will divide the good from the bad, as in Jesus’ parable of separating the good fish from the bad in the net and separating the sheep from the goats. In Mt 24:22 Jesus, speaking of the time of Jacob’s trouble, says that he will cut short those days for the sake of the elect.

V. 9-10, As always, God will have a remnant people that he shall bring through the trials and difficulties. His purpose is to bring from humanity a people whom he will call his own children as heirs to his kingdom. That means that God plans for us to inherit the place he has promised us, which, as we have seen before, is heaven itself. We will dwell with God (Rev 21:3) and rule with him (Rev 1:6, 5:10, 20:6) and we and the whole universe will have rest.

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Is. 44:6-8

4/8/13 V. 6, This section has a lot in common with Revelation. In Rev 1:8-11, 1:17-18, 2:8, 22:14 Jesus declares himself to be the alpha and omega, the first and the last. It seems obvious that Jesus was drawing upon this at least this prophecy in Isaiah if not others as well.

V. 7, God also repeats three different times in three verses that there is none like God, and he asks specifically, who is like me? It doesn’t seem coincidental, then that this key phrase is used in Rev 13:4 in relation to the beast from the sea who is trying to counterfeit God himself. Who is like God? is a key descriptive phrase of God.

God’s challenge is ongoing for any other to prove that he is like unto God. He can do this by accurately recounting the past all the way from creation and predicting the future. God is able to do this, which he does for John in Revelation showing him “the things that must soon take place,” (Rev 1:1). The phrase reads much the same in the English.

V. 8, Because God is God, his people need not fear any challenge from any false god, even if the counterfeit is able, if it were possible, to deceive even the very elect (Matt 24:24). We are called to be God’s witnesses, which would be the same as to have the testimony of Jesus (Rev 1:2, 9; 12:17; 17:6; 19:10; 20:4). God’s people have always been a prophetic movement and this is what prophets do. They call on people to be loyal to the true God no matter what.

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