Is. 66:15-17

08 Jul

7/4/13 V. 15, When he comes it will be in fire and storm as a conquerer coming to take vengeance. God’s wrath, as discussed before in the comments for Isaiah 30:30 and 34:2, is a planned and calculated wrath. God doesn’t lose his temper because he’s finally had it with the wicked. God’s anger is described this way mostly because it’s something we can identify with. But God’s wrath, although it is called his strange act in Is 28:21, is entirely consistent with love, mercy, and justice.

V. 16, When he comes in judgment upon the earth, his judgment will be executed by cleansing fire and by sword. In Rev 2:16 Jesus is pictured with a sword coming from his mouth and in Rev 19:15, 21 this sword is his judgment. Ezek 38:21-22 presents the same picture. Those who will fall before the Lord will be many. Satan has been effective in deceiving and leading away many from the Lord.

V. 17, Those who will be judged by God are those who piously pretend at godliness (but deny its power), or follow someone among them into brazenly worshipping other gods in groves and gardens.

Considering that many believe that the health laws have been nullified, it’s interesting that here in this end-time context, that eating swine’s flesh and other unclean animals is specifically included among those who will be destroyed. However, it’s not simply the fact that these perhaps believe it’s just fine to eat impure non-foods that is the big problem, but the fact that they do so as a way of thumbing their nose as God.

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