Is. 66:10-14

08 Jul

7/3/13 V. 10, Because of these sure promises of God we can know that soon our mourning over the apostasy of the church of God (Jerusalem) will be changed to joy. God will redeem a final remnant and will re-establish his holy city.

V. 11, All will be peace, safety, and abundance, illustrated as an infant snuggling in to nurse with his mother. The land that God will recreate will be such a land as to delight and satisfy his people.

V. 12, God will grant peace that flows like a river, which recalls the river that flows from the throne of God in Rev 22:1. The glory of the nations will also pour into the city (Rev 21:24-26). And we, God’s people, will be loved, cared for, and enjoyed by God himself.

V. 13, Clearly God is looking forward to the time when he is able to comfort and care for us like this. His heart aches in his separation from us due to sin. He longs even more than we do for reunion.

V. 14, When we see all that the Lord has prepared for us we will be glad. That’s a tremendous understatement. When we are placed in our new situation we will flourish like grass that grows quickly.

The statement that the hand of the Lord will be made know to us, could be a hint that we will be able to find out and understand the ways that the Lord led us during this terrible time on earth.

But God’s wrath will be kindled against those who rebelled against him.

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